Are You Hiring Native Teachers from English Speaking Countries?

Kindergarten Teachers, ESL Teachers, Science Teachers, Humanity Teachers, Montessori Teachers, PE Teachers, IB PYP Teachers, etc

Let Us Hire Good Teachers, So You Can Grow Your School

Hiring good teachers is the key to build a successful school

We Are Your External Hiring Team!

We make hiring Native English teachers easier for your school.
Talk to our hiring experts today to get the best strategy in hiring Native English teachers for your school.

How Will We Help Your School in Japan


Book a Free Consultation

You book a free consultation with our hiring experts, who have 7 years of experience in recruiting teachers for Universities, International schools, training centers, government schools in Southeast Asia.


Develop a Hiring Strategy

Our hiring experts will interview you thoroughly to develop a customized hiring strategy for your school. We will then execute the work to introduce your school to candidates. 


Attract + Filter Candidates

We attract and filter candidates based on your criteria. We’re connected to hundreds of sources of talents. Every month, we Interview 200+ Native English teachers who want to work in Japan.


Video Profile + Pre-accepted

We only present the video profiles of candidates who have pre-accepted your offer. You can hear their voice, watch their introduction videos, and decide if you want to read their CVs.


Present Demo Lesson

You can also watch the 5-10 minutes demo lesson beforehand. It will help you to decide who to interview with.  This can save you hundreds of hours.


Line up Diploma Interviews

We line up Diploma Interviews for you.

Would you like the idea of only interviewing candidates who fit your requirements and have pre-accepted your offer? 


Post Hire

After the teacher accepted your offer and contract, we do regular follow ups with the teachers until they arrive at your school. 


Before Arrival

We help the teachers understand your culture, your environment before they arrive at your school. This will help the teachers settle down and feel supported while they are working at your school.


Stay Tuned

We will share the best practices in recruiting ESL teachers with your school over time. Check out our Blog & Podcast weekly to get access to the best practices in ESL recruitment.

What Are Your Hiring Goals?

Let us know when your school needs to hire teachers
And let us help to hire good teachers

Urgently Start

My school needs teachers to start working urgently

All Year Long

My school hires teachers all year long

Next Term

My school hires teachers for the next academic year


Yes, we do have teachers who are already in Japan. 

And we have teachers who are overseas.

Let us know which kind of teachers do you prefer, we will present them to you.

Yes, we have subject teachers such as Math teachers, Physic teachers, Science teachers, Humanity teachers, Drama teachers, etc

Yes, we provide details SOP to teachers. 

We also have regular follow ups with teachers to support them during document application process

Yes, we can hire teachers for public school.

We have a solid experienced recruiting team who recruit teachers for public schools.

We have an on-boarding process for the school to work with teachers effectively.

And we have a training process for teachers to prepare themselves for adapting to the school’s standards.

Book a free consultation with our hiring experts today and we will find ways to help your school.

Yes, We can help your school to staff up.

As we did help many new International Schools and new training centers hire Native English teachers during their first year. We can help your school!

We are confident in providing good teachers for universities. To get started, get in touch with our hiring experts now.

Let us hire good teachers, so you can focus on growing your school

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Established in 2012. Step By Step HR has been helping 10,000+ English teachers find great jobs in more than 1,000 international schools, private schools, universities, educational institutions, and training centers all around Asia.
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